Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy super oxygenates the blood, colon, liver, and body tissues. Large quantities of oxygen in the body assist with the elimination of old toxic waste from the colon, liver, blood, brain, and entire cellular structure. Oxygen is known to destroy viruses, harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites, which enables the immune system to flourish.
During exercise, breathing higher oxygen levels provides an immediate increase in strength, endurance, and energy. Burn more calories in the same 15, 20 or 30 minute workout!

Optimizing the Body’s Elimination and Detoxification Pathways

The elimination of toxins has been considered  a mainstay of wellness for centuries. And, it’s really much simpler than is sounds. Here are a few ways to optimize your body’s natural detoxification:

1. Promote Daily Bowel Movements by drinking plenty of water and eating fiber (plant material); use enemas and colonics as necessary.

2.  Use Saunas for Detox… (unless you doctor advises otherwise). Fat tends to hold onto toxins, and it has been shown that regular saunas, help to detoxify and improve health.

3. Healthy Foods Help to Detoxify the Body… the key to detoxification is through lifestyle… exercise, drinking plenty of pure water, and eating foods that promote the elimination of toxins… fruits, vegetable, nuts, and seeds. Try to eat at least 51 percent raw each day. Raw, living foods are packed with nutrients and are easy to digest, providing your body with energy and the power to detoxify.

Ann Wigmore, the founder of the Living Foods Lifestyle, felt that dis-ease is the result of toxins that have built up in the body and a lack of proper nutrients. And, she taught that “Living Foods” are important to achieve and maintain wellness because they are packed with nutrients, easy to digest, and aid in detoxification.


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