Growing Greens and Grasses Workshop Nov 13th 2013

Growing Greens and Grasses Workshop Nov 13th 2013

Learn to grow your own wheatgrass and sunflower greens and sprout nuts and seeds. All materials included, and you will take a tray of wheatgrass and sunflower greens to grow at home. This is the beginning of a series of Living Foods Workshops including fermenting and culturing foods, making energy soup, and dehydrating.


Schedule online at online or call 970.472.0995 to register. We will be taking 10 students, $25 November 13th 6:00 – 7:15 pm

Pregnancy Massage at Living Arts Wellness


Prenatal (pregnancy) massage can be beneficial for both mom and baby. It often helps to relieve many of the discomforts experienced during pregnancy, enhance sleep, and even boost the immune system. Massage for pregnant women may also reduce joint stress and increase blood and lymphatic circulation.

During a pregnancy massage, clients are bolstered with soft, supportive cushions to alleviate pressure on the low back, abdomen and pelvis. At the end of the second during the third trimester, moms often prefer a side-lying position with a bolster placed under the top leg and hip for support.

Massage during pregnancy often helps to alleviate headaches, reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate low back and leg pain, and promote restful sleep.

Meditation Workshop at Living Arts Wellness

Learn to Meditate with Marcia Keilen at Living Arts Wellness
October 22nd, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Fall Autumnal Equinox was September 22, taking us from the busy summer into a slower paced time of year. This is a time for introspection, for taking a look at what we have accomplished and planting the seeds for future endeavors, to move from outer journeys to inner journeys, to connect to our inner wisdom and to the deepest aspect of our being. In other words, an optimal time to learn to meditate. In this two hour class, you will learn about different types of meditation, how to fit meditation into your daily routine, the benefits of meditation, and experience guided meditations. The cost is $50 for a two hour class with a FREE followup class to answer all your questions and talk about what you are experiencing both during your meditations and in your daily lives. Plus ongoing support as you begin this amazing inward journey.

Marcia Keilen is a certified meditation teacher through the Chopra Center for Well Being in Carlsbad, CA.image001(1)

Sesame Milk High in Calcium

Want to fortify your bones? 

Sesame seeds are full of calcium, magnesium, copper, Vitamin B1, zinc and fiber! Just one quarter cup of sesame milk provides more calcium than a whole cup of cow’s milk.

Sesame Milk Recipe
4 – 5 cups water
1 cup sesame seeds
2 medjool dates
a touch of vanilla
a pinch of salt

Put all ingredients in blender. Blend on high for a minute, then strain mixture through a fine sieve or nut milk bag… enjoy! Add frozen strawberries and blend again for a great strawberry shake.sesamemilk

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