Is Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Damaging Your Brain?

Is Vitamin B-12 Deficiency Damaging Your Brain?

Vitamin B-12 (Cobalamin) Deficiency is Serious

Are you becoming forgetful, having more sleepless nights, experiencing numbness or tingling in your arms or legs,or just plain feeling tired? You may be suffering from vitamin B-12 deficiency. Catching a vitamin B-12 deficiency early is important. Severe deficiencies can lead to very destructive disease processes.

You May be More Prone to This Deficiency if you are:

  • over 50 years old
  • vegan or vegetarian
  • experience digestive issues or have low stomach acid
  • drink alcohol
  • are anemic

A lack of cobalamin is associated with a wide range of diseases including anemia, gastritis, neuropathy (numbness or tingling in the extremities), fatigue, depression, kidney disease, memory loss, tinnitus, migraine, macular degeneration, asthma, shingles, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Foods That Are High in Cobalamin

  1. Salmon
  2. Tuna
  3. Cod
  4. Shellfish
  5. Beef
  6. Yogurt
  7. Milk
  8. Eggs
meat, eggs, fish, cheese
Cobalamin Rich Foods

Vitamin B-12 is synthesized by bacteria that are abundant in the soil. Cows eat grass and pull up clumps that have dirt attached. The organisms in the dirt that produce B-12 get absorbed into the bloodstream of the animals and go to their muscles. As you can see, if you are vegan or vegetarian, it is necessary to take supplemental B-12. The good news is that this vitamin is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. And, if you ate meat and eggs before becoming vegan, your body may have created a great store of B-12. Often, deficiencies don’t show up for years after making a lifestyle shift to vegetarian or vegan.

Sologuard Vegetarain B-12 can be obtained at most good natural food stores.

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