Healing Touch for Injuries

Healing Touch for Injuries

When a joint, muscle or tendon is injured, inflammation occurs in an attempt to protect and heal the injured area. Classic signs of inflammation are swelling, redness, heat and pain. It is important to allow the injured area to rest and give it time to heal. Often, an injury to one area, a knee for example, causes pain and tightness in other areas, such as the hips, back and opposite leg, as your body attempts to compensate.

While massage is effective in releasing tight muscles and reducing muscle pain, it is not appropriate to use directly on an injury or recent surgery where inflammation is present. This is where Healing Touch comes in — an excellent partner to massage in the care and restoration of injured tissues, both chronic and acute. Healing Touch is an energy-based healing modality in which light touch is used to clear, balance and strengthen the client’s energy system. HT has been shown to reduce pain and decrease recovery time for injuries and surgeries.

In the case of a knee injury, massage could be used above and below the knee, as well as on the hips, back and opposite leg to release tension and restore the body to physical balance. Healing Touch is then appropriate to clear heat, pain and congestion in the energy field around the injured tissue, as well as balancing the whole energy system to promote wellness. Simple Healing Touch self-care practices may also be shown for the client to employ at home for continued support.

The following is a testimonial from a client that recently received a Massage/Healing Touch session to treat a hip injury:

“I had recently injured my hip during a workout and could tell that the joint was inflamed. I could barely walk and the pain was exhausting. This condition, in addition to the stress of everyday life, was holding me back. Not only did Kristi help with the physical condition, she helped me discover a blockage in my psychological and emotional state. I can easily pinpoint this session as the turn around in my recovery. Kristi is a gifted and compassionate healer, and I recommend her work often.”

-Fort Collins Massage Therapist

Watch for an upcoming Introduction to Healing Touch workshop where you can learn some basic healing techniques to use on yourself and your family. 

Kristi Buss is a Certified Massage Therapist and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner with over 18 years of experience. Please call (970) 472-0995, or email kristiannbuss@gmail.com for information or to schedule an appointment. Massage/Healing Touch sessions can be booked for 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 2 hours.


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