Hemp Milk Recipe

Hemp Milk Recipe

Are you going non-dairy? Hemp milk and cream are easy to make and are soooo good for you…
Recipe: Homemade Hemp Milk… great alternative to dairy!

This tastes way better and is much fresher than the store-bought version… and doesn’t contain any preservatives or funky additives.

1/2 – 3/4 cup hemp seeds (hulled, can be found at Whole Foods or any natural food store)
2 cups filtered water
optional: ground vanilla bean or cinnamon

Throw all in the blender and blend for a minute or two. Keeps for 5 days or so in the refrigerator. Shake when ready to use. Add frozen strawberries and a little coconut sugar, raw honey, or stevia… makes a great strawberry milkshake!

Hemp seeds are actually a fruit. They have a mild, nutty taste. The seeds are a vegan source of biologically available and easily digested protein and contain all 10 essential amino acids. Three tablespoons of hemp seeds contains 11 grams of protein! Hemp seeks contain a good ratio of omega fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory… and the list of benefits goes on!hemp-milk-seeds-with-milk

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