Ruby Jackson, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and just recently graduated from the Academy of Natural Therapy. My specialties are neuromuscular, deep tissue, and sports massage.

I have always known holistic health was going to be the focus of my life and massage is one of the most instinctual, profound, and simple forms of health and wellness. I am a LMT and recent graduate from the Academy of Natural Therapy. My specialties include neuromuscular massage, deep tissue, and sports massage. Through communication, education, and intuition we will create an individualized session to help you reach your goals. Healing is not something with a beginning and an end, but rather an ongoing process that improves and strengthens our relationships with ourselves and the world; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I am honored to be able to help you along in your healing process.

I plan to continue my education and study shiatsu, lomi lomi, and cranial sacral in the next year. I aspire to someday become a naturopathic doctor and provide accessible, informative, and natural healthcare.

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