Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

The human energy system is like a blueprint for the physical body, the mind, and emotions. Every day, even moment to moment, we encounter experiences that affect our energy system in positive and negative ways. You can think of it like a bank. Some activities or experiences put money in our energy “bank” such as a good night’s sleep, being in nature, or receiving energy healing, to name just a few. Some experiences take money out of our bank: repetitive negative thinking, unhealthy relationships, or chronic pain or illness.

What is a session like?

In an Energy Medicine session, Kristi will assess many aspects of your energy system, including the Hara (the highest vibrational aspect of the energy system where stuck emotions, trauma, and karmic patterns can be found and healed), the chakras, the energy field, major organs, and some aspects of the meridian system. Based on that assessment, along with the stated healing goal/intention, and guided by intuition, Kristi uses light touch on or above the body to clear, balance, and strengthen the energy system, facilitating healing of body, mind, and spirit.


The number of sessions needed depends on the presenting issue, but many people feel some difference after the first session. The first session is 90 minutes and subsequent sessions may be 90 or 60 minutes, depending on the issues needing to be addressed as well as the length of time between sessions.

  1. 90 minute Energy Medicine session
  2. 60 minute Energy Medicine session

To experience deeper relaxation and healing support during your massage session, you may also schedule a combination 90-minute Massage and Healing Touch session

Energy Medicine is an adjunct to any current medical care, and energy healing is safe for all people and conditions. Kristi’s foundational training is in Healing Touch, which is an evidence-based healing practice: HealingTouchResearch.

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