Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial Release Therapy is a form of massage that is aimed at releasing Myofascial (connective tissue) restrictions in the body. This treatment has been known to relieve chronic tension, improve posture, increase the body’s range of motion, and improve the overall health of a person’s body and mind.

The fascial system is a web-like structure of connective tissue that is dense, woven through every part of the body. It is a single structure that connects every system in the human body as if the person were wearing a net fabric from head to toe.

No part of the body exists outside of the webbed structure. Every part of the human body is interconnected. The nose is connected to the toes, and the heart is connected to the knees through this web of connective tissue.

The webbing serves an extremely important purpose: it holds the body together.

Fascia may be the root of a variety of health problems. Fascial tension of one part of the body spreads over time to other parts of the body. Connective Tissue Massage aims to release this tension in the fascia and thus generate improvements across a person’s whole body.

Balance is an important aspect of the system and imbalance of tension can be the source of pain.

At Living Arts Wellness, our certified massage therapists can deliver the techniques of this massage therapy in a targeted way.

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