Living Foods Classes

Living Foods Classes

Living Foods Lifestyle Classes in Fort Collins, CO



    Greens workshop

    Growing Greens and Grasses

    Learn to Grow Wheatgrass, Sprouts and Young Sunflower Greens!
    April, 2017…

    Call Living Arts Wellness to register… we will take 10 students and the class is $50!

    Other classes

    Are you needing a tune-up? Feeling tired? Ready for a change in your lifestyle? The Living Foods Lifestyle is raw, vegan, and easy to digest. Eight years ago, Celeste spent nearly one year living and working at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico. She had the chance to learn and live the nutritional system of Dr. Ann Wigmore and it was forever life-changing!

    A Days of Bliss – Living Foods Lifestyle, Energy Medicine Session, Reflexology, Massage

    Giving your body a rest in the form of a cleanse is one of the most important things you can do to prevent disease and maintain health.

    Do you know how wonderfully rejuvenating a cleanse is for your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing? Your body feels refreshed, your mind fills with inspiration, your emotions experience balance, and your spirit is renewed. Oh yes, how sweet it is! You are the master of your domain!

    The Program Includes:

    Therapies and foods to refresh your body, fill your mind with inspiration, balance your emotions and renew your spirit.

    • Wheatgrass juice cocktail
    • Energy Medicine (cultivation of energy for health maintenance, healing, and vitality)
    • Warm Oil Detoxifying Massage
    • Reflexology
    • Fresh Juice from the Garden Juicery packed full of nutrition and life!

    Feel Invigorated! Your body will thank you and you will love yourself.

    Call to reserve your Day of Bliss

    Only $255 (prepaid when you register)

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