Living Foods Lifestyle Training

Living Foods Lifestyle Training

Living Foods Lifestyle Training – Fort Collins, CO

Living Arts Wellness is honored to offer a Living Foods Lifestyle Certification Class.

These classes will provide you with all of the information and tools to transform the way that you look at and prepare food! We will teach you the difference between raw foods and living foods and show you easy and simple ways to integrate living foods into every meal! Whether you are planning to shift into living or raw foods, looking to eat more greens in an easy way, or preparing for a wonderful spring cleanse, this class is for you!

During the course of our 6 meetings, we will cover Rejuvelac, Energy Soup, Growing Greens, Sprouting at home, and Fermented Foods.

At the end of our series, all of the participants will be provided with a certificate showing your completion of the Living Foods Lifestyle Course.

Our next series of classes will begin in April 2017. Watch our posts on Facebook for upcoming dates and to register.

The investment for each class is $50.

This series is limited to 8 people, so please call us now to reserve your space!



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