Couples Massage

Couples Massage

Fort Collins Couple Massage From Living Arts Wellness

Couple Massage What could be better than experiencing the relaxation of a great massage with the person that is closest to you? Couples massage is a relaxing way to reconnect with the person you love most, while rediscovering aspects of your relationship that you appreciate. Our cozy and welcoming spa is the perfect place to indulge your senses and slow down from your busy day-to-day lives. Our clients enjoy their choice of luxurious side by side massages to melt away your tension and aid in cleansing your body. Couples who experience our calming environment can deeply reconnect and focus on their wellbeing together.

What to Expect During Your Couples Massage

During a couple massage, both people will enjoy a massage in the same comforting and luxurious room. The difference between an individual massage and a couples massage is that you are able share your massage suite with your favorite person. You both will be treated to a healing and rejuvenating treatment, with the added excitement of enjoying a shared experience. During your massage, the emotions and tension trapped within your muscles will be gently stretched and kneaded away, helping you to tune into your bodies.

Our customized massages will relax all of your major muscle groups, which will in turn ease your mind. You may notice an increased feeling of connection to your partner as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine are released in the body. This helps couples feel connected and happy both during the massage session and after. Many couples struggle to make time in their busy schedules between work, family, and distractions. Massages allow you to spend quality time together and a couples massage can be a wonderful way to purposefully and intentionally reconnect.

The Benefits of Couples Massage

Massage has been shown to reduce stress and muscle tension, improve overall circulation, eliminate stiffness and soreness, boost the immune system, reduce pain, and even help control your blood pressure. Couples who are focused on practicing a healthy lifestyle can enjoy these benefits together, during and after their massage. Our massages stimulate the release of many feel-good hormones, which may boost feelings of connectedness.

Our couples massages are crafted to help people to enjoy the present. During a massage session, couples can focus on what is important in their lives and concentrate on the present moment. This practice of being fully engaged has the added benefit of helping couples deeply reconnect with each other. The benefits that you experience in our massages may bring a level of mindful awareness to your time outside of the massage as well.

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