Fort Collins Yoga at Living Arts Wellness

The benefits of Fort Collins Yoga

Breath Work… Fort Collins Yoga establishes proper breathing technique that are important in daily life as well as assisting you in the healthy changes you desire. Yoga helps us to gain control over our nervous system, soothing stress and discomfort in the body. Include massage, colon hydrotherapy, exercise, and yoga to enhance your session’s effectiveness.

Private Therapeutic Yoga Sessions… Private Yoga sessions promote knowledge and understanding of your body. You will learn, and we will uncover together, how to create a more stable foundation for you. Plan to develop better posture and body awareness with Yoga.

Yoga Class Series (8)… Now is a great time begin a therapeutic Fort Collins Yoga practice. Rather than running yourself ragged with New Years resolutions to “be better”, why not start the year off with restoration and rejuvenation! Learn to stretch and lengthen your body, use body movement efficiently, improve muscle control and digestion, and decrease stress levels.

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