Wellness Prices

Colonic, Steam Sauna, Ionic Foot Bath 135 Minutes $245
Full Body cleanse including 60-minute colonic, 30-minute oxygenated sauna, and IonCleanse foot bath.
Restore and maintain optimum colon health through relaxation and hydration with a closed system. Please see how to prep and health questionnaire. New clients will need a 90 minute session.
One Session 90 Minutes $160
One Session 60 Minutes $110
Advanced colon hydrotherapy is performed by an ACT-I Certified Instructor Level Therapist.
Advanced Session 90 Minutes $195
Advanced Session 60 Minutes $160
Far Infrared Biomat Therapy 60 Minutes $70
One hour of biomat bliss
Half Day Rejuvenation Package 210 Minutes $340
Package includes 90 minute colonic, 1 hour massage, oxygenated steam sauna, and ionic foot bath.
Oxygenated Steam Sauna 30 Minutes $80
Great way to begin a massage or colon hydrotherapy session.
Ionic Foot Bath 30 Minutes $55
Experience the correct acid-akaline ph balance as nature intended.
Living Foods Consultation 60 Minutes $90
Learn about the Living Foods Lifestyle and how to incorporate raw and living foods into your daily routine.
Lifestyle Consultation 30 Minutes $60
Lifestyle consultation involves discussion around digestion, diet, and toxic build up. Therapist will recommend cleansing program tailored to client’s lifestyle.

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