Testimonials – Digestion

Testimonials – Digestion

For many years I have dealt with severe pain in my abdominal area and have had problems processing my food. During this time I saw many doctors, some were even specialists, and none of them could find anything wrong with me. They would just dismiss me and send me on my way. I even consulted a neurologist who diagnosed me to have multiple sclerosis.

While searching for holistic/natural solutions, I met Celeste Magnuson. I quickly began her colon hydrotherapy treatments. The treatments have completely changed my life. My pain has all but subsided. Celeste has also lead me to a new way of eating that has helped how I am able to digest and process my food. Many of us just don’t realize or even know about the value of colon hydrotherapy. I am living, walking proof of the benefits of this type of treatment and recommend it to anyone with similar issues.

~ Erin Rieger, Fort Collins, CO

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