Facts About Colon Hydrotherapy

Facts About Colon Hydrotherapy

Facts About Colonic and Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Digestive system image100% of American Adults, if they live long enough, will suffer from bowel herniation.
  • The #1 cancer among both men and women is colon/rectal cancer.
  • The colon is the sewer of your body. If it is not cleansed, the body’s waste cannot get out.
  • When the colon is healthy, it will produce 2 or more well-formed bowel movements per day.
  • If your stools are not expelled effortlessly, within seconds after you sit down, then you are constipated.
  • If you have to strain or read a magazine while you wait for a movement, then you are constipated.
  • Poor bowel function is indicated by small, narrow, or short, hard stools.
  • You should not see half-digested food or blood in your stool.

In a 50 to 75 minute session, as much as 1-3 gallons of water are used internally to gently flush the colon. One cup to no more than two quarts are used at one time.

In addition to gently flushing the colon, the therapist uses massage, pressure points, reflexology, and breathing techniques to aid in deeper cleansing.

The therapist assists in loosening and eliminating toxic waste.

Subsequent colonics may remove more waste. How many you may wish to receive will depend upon your personal objectives of regaining, rejuvenating, and maintaining your health.

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