Treating Viruses and Creating Wellness with Ozone Therapy

Treating Viruses and Creating Wellness with Ozone Therapy

Scientific studies have proven that Ozone Therapy can eliminate and deactivate viruses, molds, bacterias, and even cancer cells.

What is Ozone?

Pure oxygen is made up of two molecules of oxygen. Ozone is a form of oxygen that has three molecules of oxygen and is completely different than O2. It is a powerful oxidizer which makes it so valuable in medical treatments, water purification, and air purification.

Oxidative stress occurs when the body has an overload of free radicals that the body can’t counteract with antioxidant defenses. When the ozone enters the bloodstream, it interacts with the blood creating hydroxyperoxides. Hydroxyperoxides only affect and destroy unhealthy cells, bacterias and viruses, leaving healthy cells in tact.

ozone image

How to get Ozone into Your Body

  • Ozonated Saunas (your pores open in the warm sauna, and O3 gets into the body through the skin; while in the sauna, your head is out so you don’t breathe in the O3)
  • Ozonated Drinking Water
  • Rectal or Vaginal Insufflations (O3 can be introduced into the body through a catheter… it goes into the bloodstream quickly with this method)
Ozone Therapy
Ozone Therapy in the Steam Sauna

What can Ozone Therapy do for Me?

Ozone boosts the immune system and increases oxygen levels in your tissues and cells. It also kills bacterias and viruses, gives more energy to your cells, and decreases oxidative stress.

Ozone has been shown to be effective in treating herpes, arthritis, candida, fungus, Epstein-Barr virus, cancer cells and so much more! Doctors in Germany have been treating Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other nervous system disorders with O3.

There are many reasons for low oxygenation levels in the blood including shallow breathing, polluted air, sedentary lifestyle, and poor posture. Doctors and centers that are using ozone in their practices can be found online, along with other powerful oxygen therapies.

Low Level Laser Therapy for Reducing Pain, Inflammation and Edema

The low level of near infrared light generated by a laser has been shown to stimulate and repair tissues.

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is often applied to a wound or injury for short periods of time. When the light is applied at proper levels and amount of time, it can be quite effective for treating pain and inflammation, speeding healing, and even reversing some conditions. Often treatment last only a few minutes and is used multiple times.

You might ask, “How can light heal me?” Current research shows that the light. or phototherapy, stimulates certain processes in the cells that are touched by the laser. The mitochondria are the powerhouses of each cell. When the light stimulates the mitochondria, there will be an increase in respiration and more energy available to the cells.

LLLT has been widely tested in clinical trials and has been shown to be very effective for treating both acute and chronic conditions. The low level laser is effective for treating wounds, nerve issues, tendons, bones, and internal organs.


LLLT can be found in many clinical settings including physician and chiropractic offices, massage therapy centers, and acupuncture clinics. Cold lasers are being studied for their effectiveness in attacking viruses, reducing scars and burns, speeding wound healing, and much more. There are also laser devices designed to target and eliminate fat and others are used to treat and eliminate acne when an actual bacteria is responsible for the skin issue. Massage therapists incorporate this therapy into their practices to help eliminate inflammation and speed healing on multiple levels. Medical professionals and health practitioners are using these tools effectively in their practices.

Colonoscopy… Alternative Screening Options

Avoiding a Colonoscopy?

How many of you would like to avoid having a colonoscopy? Colorectal cancer is the second leading form of cancer in the United States. It is diagnosed in 130,000 people each year in the United States alone. Current research links obesity with increased risk of colorectal cancer. These findings suggest that a high calorie diet turns of a key hormone that is secreted in the intestines, which deactivates tumor suppression. Lifestyle is extremely important in maintaining gut health! Doctors also recommend regular screening for colorectal cancer prevention.

Concerns about the procedure

Colonics are an effective procedure for helping to prepare for a colonoscopy and can be much more comfortable than the prescriptions used to evacuate the intestines. Many of our clients have expressed concern about the colonoscopy procedure. Did you know that:

  • Doctor’s often require a bowel preparation (as much as 3 days)
  • The procedure requires sedation
  • The risks from sedation and passage of the six foot long tube into your colon are considerable
  • The bowel is perforated in 1 out of every 1000 procedures
  • Unclean practices can result in the introduction of pathogens into your body
  • The procedure costs up to $3000 each

Alternatives to colonoscopy

Fortunately, there are some great alternatives for screening. First is the sigmoidoscopy. The scope is only two feet in length with two bends. The procedure takes only 10 minutes and costs only around $200.

A client informed me of another option, which is an easy to use stool DNA test that can be done at home! You simply collect a stool sample which is mailed to a lab for diagnosis. The lab looks for DNA markers that indicate the presence of collateral cancer. There is no special preparation, no diet changes, and no time off work or play! Cologuard is available by prescription only, so you will have to see your doctor in order to get the kit.


Colonoscopy - Digestive system image

Lifestyle Changes: Top 5 to Create Health

5 Lifestyle Changes To Create Health

  • Eat more fresh or frozen vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Drink only water and teas.
  • Eliminate or reduce processed foods, refined sugars, fast foods, and sodas. This matches up with reducing high-glycemic index foods, high fructose corn syrup and trans fats.
  • Eliminate or reduce pasteurized dairy products.
  • Reduce or eliminate conventional meats, especially pork and red meat. Organic grass-fed meats and wild fish are good in moderation.
  • Eliminate or reduce highly genetically modified foods: wheat, soy, corn, and peanuts.

Making Changes That Last

Most of us allow food to take over out lives, and we end up “living to eat”. Probably the most difficult part of lifestyle changes is learning to “eat to live”.  Once you are able to give up the processed and refined foods, dairy products, and sugar, you will be well on your way to a true lifestyle change. The first 3 weeks are often the most difficult. After this, the cravings will start to fall away.

The Living Foods Lifestyle

Living Foods are raw, vegan and in their original, uncooked state. This lifestyle promotes cleansing and overall wellness because it is easy to digest and nutrient dense. It was developed by Dr. Ann Wigmore to combat deficiency and toxic buildup in our bodies. The Ann Wigmore Institute in Aguada, Puerto Rico was my home and workplace for a year. Many of the people that came to learn the lifestyle were suffering from dis-ease and eating disorders. This lifestyle is powerful… it is miraculous what happens when the body is given the proper nutrition and allowed to eliminate toxic build up!

Sign up for our Living Foods Lifestyle classes and learn to grow young greens and sprouts, dehydrate and ferment foods, make “energy soup”, grow wheatgrass, and EAT TO LIVE!

Lifestyle Changes and Wellness
Eat Your Greens!

Restore Postural Balance With Structural Integration

structural integration

Structural integration is a type of bodywork that focuses on realigning and integrating the body in gravity. Fascia (connective tissue) surrounds muscles, organs, blood vessels and nerves. When it becomes bound up, movement is restricted.

During a structural integration session, the fascia is lengthened and softened in order to restore postural balance and ease of movement. Clients often report feeling more at home in their body after a session. Structural integration is based on the work of Dr. Ida Rolf and can be a series of treatments or part of an integrative massage/bodywork session.

Some of the benefits of structural integration include:

  • Ease of movement
  • Better body alignment
  • Fluidity
  • Grace
  • Energy
  • Alertness
  • Relaxation
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • And so much more!

Oxygenate to Maintain Youth!

A primary reason for aging is the failure of systems in your body that are responsible for your uptake and utilization of oxygen. What happens when our cells don’t get enough oxygen? We age more quickly and become weak!


Exercising while breathing supplemental oxygen, also known as “exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT)”, dramatically increases the amount of O2 in your plasma. After only 15 minutes of this type of exercise, your skin becomes pink because capillaries are carrying oxygen to the skin’s surface. Users of EWOT report increased energy, improved vision and mental clarity almost immediately.

Running, walking or cycling without the use of supplemental oxygen may actually decrease the oxygen content of your blood because your cells and tissues are using more oxygen than is available for the increased activity. Surgery, chronic inflammation, poor digestion, insufficient nutrition, infections, stress, dehydration, and acidic pH can compromise your oxygenation levels.

Cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment. Exercise with oxygen seems to promote a strong environment for cancer recovery and prevention and has been known to aid in eliminating lyme disease. Give it a try today for enhanced wellness, prevention, and anti-aging!

Are You Sick and Tire of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Learn how the Living Foods Lifestyle can help you gain more energy, vitality and health!

It takes effort and energy for our systems to process raw materials into nutrients that the body can use for growth, repair, and regeneration. Part of this process is isolating the useful products from the useless, or even harmful ones found in food or produced by the digestive process. Most of us don’t even realize how much energy it takes to process and divest the food we eat. Ease of digestion becomes particularly important when there is illness or poor health. The body’s resources are being strained to their limits already in an attempt to restore or simply maintain health.

The extra burden of a difficult to digest meal can be very harmful in such situations, especially if the meal doesn’t even provide the full complement of nutrients needed by the body in its strained state, or even worse, introduces more toxins which the body must work to eliminate. And, even when the body is healthy, it only makes sense that if less effort is required for digesting, then there will be more energy available for other purposes.

The Living Foods Lifestyle was developed to provide foods that are most easily digested and to provide the most nourishment possible. Register for our upcoming Living Foods Lifestyle workshopswhere you will learn a lifestyle of vitality and health! 

  1. Young Greens… Buckwheat and sunflower greens top all other greens for nutritional content, ease of digestion and flavor.
  2. Sprouted Nuts and Seeds… Sprouts are the most complete and nutritional of all foods tested including vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes. They also are regenerative to the body because of high concentrations of RNA, DNA and proteins.
  3. Cultured and Fermented Preparations… Beneficial bacteria are desperately needed to maintain health. Antibiotics, chlorinated water and antibacterial soaps destroy our beneficial flora. These foods are also rich in enzymes and vitamins.
  4. Wheatgrass Juice… A complete food because it contains every amino acid, vitamin, and mineral necessary for human nutrition.
  5. Blended foods are broken down into a form ready for digestion, easing the work load of the stomach and small intestines. Learn to blend for maximal absorption!
  6. Cleanse by eating loadsof greens at every meal and using enemas and colonics!
blended-foods FlaxCrackers hemp-milk-seeds-with-milk

Healing Touch

Are you feeling out of balance emotionally, physically, spiritually? Try Healing Touch!

Living Arts Wellness is now offering Healing Touch Energy- Based Healing.

Kristi Buss, CMT uses light touch on or above the body to clear, balance and strengthen the human energy system. the goal of Healing Touch is to restore harmony to the energy system, placing the client in a position to self heal on many levels including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Healing Touch is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association and the National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork, and is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.

For more information about the power of Healing Touch, please visit

Call 970.472.0995 to book your session or book online

Book today and receive a $10 discount on your session.


Living Foods Workshops at Living Arts Wellness

Please Call to Register… Class size limited

When: March 19th through May 14th

Where: Living Arts Wellness, 500 South Whitcomb Street, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521

Time: 6:30 – 8:00pm

Cost: $300 (Includes all foods, instruction and written materials)

March 19 Introduction to Living Foods… This workshop will give you an overview of the nutritional system of Dr. Ann Wigmore. You will be given a manual, and we will discuss the digestive process and value of Living Foods. Come hungry because there will be delicious energy soup!

April 2 Growing Greens and Grasses… Young sunflower greens are mainly used for blending into energy soup. Baby shoots top all other greens for nutritional content and ease of digestion. Living Foods and wheatgrass go hand in hand. Wheatgrass is used to help the body heal itself in cases of disease, injury and toxicity. During this class, you will learn to grow both sunflower greens and wheatgrass… all materials provided.

April 16 Energy Soup!… The Living Foods lifestyle consists of more than just eating raw foods. The most important type of food preparation used in this lifestyle is blending. Blending breaks food down into a form ready for digestion, easing the load of the stomach and small intestines and allowing maximal absorption. And, greens and sprouts contain lots of fiber, and are often difficult to ingest in large quantities unless blended. This provides a concentrated source of nutrition than simple salads.

April 30 Fermented Foods… Learn to make rejuvelac and seed cheese. These fermented foods aid in digestion and serve as antioxidants when combined with other foods.

May 7 Sprouted Cereal… Cereals provide concentrated calories, protein, and high levels of B vitamins. Learn to soak, sprout, and dehydrate buckwheat and grains to make delicious, nutritious, and easily digested cereals!

May 14 Raw Luck!… We will gather for a raw potluck and will learn to make nut milks and a gourmet, raw dessert… Raspberry Pistachio Ice cream Pie! During this final meeting, we will talk about using living foods as a lifestyle and the benefits of using it as a cleanse.

Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy

Vascular cell view

Imagine yourself as a cell in your vascular system. You’re part of a pipe that carries blood.

But – all the oxygen on the red blood cells zooms by destined for far-away cells. It’s moving fast for you to use.

So you’re like a fish – and breathe the oxygen dissolved in the water called plasma.


Now lets imagine some stress that crashed the oxygen supply in your plasma.

When the oxygen runs out, you switch anaerobic, and when the glucose runs out your metabolism crashes and you blow up like a water balloon.

Now you’re a bloated cell in a pipe, just like your neighbors – and you and your now fat neighbors make a bottleneck that chokes down blood flow.

Next, every cell you supply browns out – because you reduced the oxygen supply.

The brownout will last until you recover. You’re vascular inflammation.

Cellular Brown-Outs

The brownout is a group of cells with reduced energy because of reduced oxygen.

Cells in the brownout area are still alive – they look normal on medical tests – except they’re in survival mode running at 1/19th power, making a lot of acid smog, in an area shadowed from the immune system .

Brown Out Environment

Brownouts are bad because they:

  • Accelerate aging as energy stressed cells will wear out faster
  • They Create a safe haven for disease – with low energy, acid stressed cells shadowed from the immune system;
  • they Acid shift your whole body pH as lactic-acids replace of CO2 needed normal acid/alkali balance
  • And cause fatigue because these cells are stuck in low power at 1/19th energy

Fixing Brownouts

What do you need to recover? Simple oxygen.

But You – yourself are blocking your own oxygen supply because you’re bloated.

That’s why:

  • vascular inflammation is chronic,
  • and health issues triggered by stress last a long time
  • and only recover after some kind of super-oxygen event – if ever.

Concentration and force

So visualize unclogging a bottleneck made of ballooned cells. How would you do it?

Simple… Squirt super-oxygenated plasma through the bottlenecked pipe.

Threshold Level

Let’s go back to thinking like a plumber:

  • There has to be enough oxygen in blood plasma to fix you;
  • And here needs to be enough squirt power to for the oxygen to reach you.

Without enough oxygen and squirt power – at the same time – it just won’t work.

How would you do it

Back in the real world this is a simple recipe:

  • Step 1 – Breath hard with as much oxygen as possible to super-saturate blood plasma
  • Step 2 – Exercise to your best heart rate to squirt plasma to your bottlenecks.

Sounds like turbocharged exercise to me ?

Call to book your Extreme Oxygen Therapy Session today! Pedal a stationary bicycle while breathing oxygen through a comfortable mask. Reduce inflammation… regenerate… rejuvenate!

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