What Is A Colonic Speculum And How Is It Inserted Into The Rectum?

What Is A Colonic Speculum And How Is It Inserted Into The Rectum?

A colonic speculum is a hollow plastic tube that is introduced into the rectum for the purpose of colon cleansing. At Living Arts Wellness, we only use sterile, factory sealed, disposable speculums. Here is a closeup of what our a colonic speculum looks like:

The speculum  insertion process may vary slightly depending on the client’s preferences and anatomy, but here is a general description of the process:

  1. Preparation: Before the insertion, you will be asked to lie on the treatment table on your left side, bringing your right knee toward your chest. Your therapist will provide you with a drape to cover yourself if needed.
  2. Lubrication: Your therapist will apply an organic castor oil to the tip of the disposable speculum to facilitate insertion and minimize discomfort.
  3. Insertion: You will have the choice to insert the speculum yourself, or give permission for your colon hydrotherapist to assist you with the insertion of the speculum. The insertion will be done with care to minimize discomfort. The practitioner will ask you to take deep breaths to help with relaxation and ease of insertion. All bodies are different and your therapist will work with you to select a speculum insertion strategy that works for your individual anatomy.
  4. Depth and position: The disposable speculum is inserted about 2-3 inches in the rectum. Once the speculum is inserted, two tubes will be connected to the speculum: (1) will introduce clean water into the colon, (2) will carry waste from the colon through the viewing tube in the colonic irrigation instrument and out to the sewer. The therapist will position it in a way that allows water to flow into the colon effectively.
  5. Water flow: Once the colonic speculum is properly positioned and the tubes are connected, you will return to lying on your back, and water is gradually introduced into the colon to begin your colon hydrotherapy session.

You are encouraged to discuss the speculum insertion procedure with your therapist beforehand to ensure you understand the process and feel comfortable with it.

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